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About Us

S.V. Group Established in the year 2008, we, SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading global company dedicated in producing diversified products ranging from Water purifications to Solar power & Kitchen devices. SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd integrates a wide range of technologies, products & services to offer total tangible solutions for industry, community and homes. SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd LP.`s products adhere to highest international standards of manufacturing.

SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a one-stop solution for Water Purification Systems, Solar Power Products Kitchen Solution Devices for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We provides high quality product that benefits every sphere of the consumer life. SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd LP comprises of a dedicated team of Engineers, Technicians & Administrator and all are well qualified and trained in their respective fields to provide superior quality products & unmatched customer services.

SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd LP is a company run by, Marketing and customer service experience of more than a decade. For us, bringing Health care/ & Kitchen products for every individual and companies, is more than just a business, it is a passion. It is, in fact the very purpose of our existence. We empower individuals, organizations and businesses with our unique services. The company is engaged in Manufacturing, Sales and Service of the various products through our three divisions that are Water treatment Division, Solar power Division & Kitchen solution Division. We have a leading edge over our competitors in sales process and have been successfully marketing our uniquely designed service and annual maintenance contracts.

As a company, by following the spirit of the Code, SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd LP creates an operating environment where management sets clear goals, company leadership is engaged, and all operations are accountable for their performance and practices. Our business style is practical, with an emphasis on openness, informality and candid, conversational exchanges among employees. We expect all employees equally to uphold the Company's standards for ethics, integrity and work practices. Today SVG India Solutions Pvt. Ltd LP is the leading name in the field of Water treatment, Solar Powered products & Kitchen devices.

We are serving more than 1000 satisfied Residential Customers & more than 100 Corporate in India from our last 6 years of existence.


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